Designs for Living 2003-2004

Designs for Living are affordable housing units for small urban living spaces which offer areas to sleep, eat, live and work for the at home freelance worker.
- Rotational House uses a a manual hydraulic crank to rotate the home towards or away from the outside light or inside appliances.
- Rubix Cube house uses an hydraulic hand-wheel to expand and compress each chamber of the home as needed.
- Slide House divides the house into quadrants each framed by a steel structure on wheels which enable the structure to manually slide. The 4th quadrant is left void to facilitate the reorganization of the home. 
- Fold-Up house is designed in the formation of a cross. Each section folds up into itself and can fold to close the center cube.
- Elevation House is operated by 4 hydraulic wheels used to elevate each section of the home when not in use, leaving the maximum space below.